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Introduction of SCUT-SPCCI

SCUT-SPCCI database is created by the HCII-Lab of South China University of Technology. The SCUT-SPCCI dataset is a synthesized printed Chinese character image database that contains samples of 6763 classes of Chinese characters in the GB2312-80 standard, the standard 10 numerals (0–9), and 52 English alphabets (26 each in upper case and lower case). The database contains synthesized printed character images generated from 280 different fonts.


       ※ SCUT-SPCCI_120,   SCUT-SPCCI_280 

Application Form for SCUTSPCCI

For scholars or organization who wants to use the SCUT-SPCCI database, please first fill in this application Form and send it via email to us ( We will give you the decompression password after your letter has been received and approved.

User Manual for SCUTSPCCI